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Plus Capital portfolio of products for individuals

Mutual Funds

Equity Advisory

Portfolio Management Services

Bonds / Fixed Income Products


Real Estate Products

Alternative Investments

• 40 fund house partners, 2000+ equity, debt and liquid schemes
• Funds selected according to risk profiles (From Conservative to Aggressive)
• Stringent procedure for selection of fund house, scheme
• Annual performance review of selected funds
• Portfolio restructuring exercise done when required

• Specific stock recommendation to client based on risk appetite
• In house expertise of stock analysis based on fundamentals and technicals
• Specific trade strategy recommendations

• Sophisticated investment vehicle for specialized investing
• Minimum investment required is Rs. 25lacs
• The investor owns individual securities, unlike a mutual fund investor who owns units of the entire fund
• Type of portfolio of securities depends on risk appetite of the investor

  • Debt products issued by the Government of India, Public Sector Units, Financial Institutions and Corporates
  • Carry assured coupons with defined tenor and payment frequencies, subject to credit risk of the issuer
  • Tax free bonds for efficient financial planning
  • Also provide services for products like PPF, NPS

• Term plans to secure your family’s financial future
• Health insurance products for self and family
• Lifestyle based insurance product varieties available. Details available from your financial consultant.

• Valuation services for individuals for transaction/mortgage/insurance purposes
• Transaction management for portfolio services
• Valuation services for corporate for strategic investment / funding / M&A
• Portfolio of projects offered by third party tie ups
• End-to-end project execution tie-ups for owned land mines

• This includes investments done with a very long term time horizon for high risk taking individuals
• Private equity advisory is offered for individuals / business owners looking to diversify asset class.
• Art as an asset class is also offered under this umbrella
• Minimum investment would vary on a case to case basis. Portfolio with Plus Capital should be above Rs. 1 crore for this investment.

Product options

We plan your wealth maximization by choosing the assets which are right for You

RequirementEnd use of wealthType of portfolioProducts
Liquid asset needsLifestyle needs
Very low riskTime deposits, liquid funds
Short term tradingCapture short term
Market opportunities
Low riskShort term FMP, short term bonds
Long term investment needsChildren’s education
Property purchase
Medium to high risk depending on time horizonEquity funds, debt funds, portfolio management services, stock strategies
Surplus wealth maximizationFuture generation fortuneVery high riskPrivate equity holdings, real estate holdings, Art investments

Comprehensive Financial Plan

A financial plan includes comprehensive evaluation of your current financial position, discussion of the financial wealth and the goals you want to achieve and understanding how the same can be done from your financial consultant. We accomplish this through the following steps

  1. Establishing your goals in life which would include short, medium and long term goals
  2. Working out what assets and liabilities you currently have and making a comprehensive note of these
  3. Evaluating your current financial position to understand how close are you to achieving your goals
  4. Developing your plan- a “route map” for achieving your different goals, including which products would be used and what would be the time horizon
  5. Implementing your plan and incorporating required changes to accomplish your goals
  6. Monitoring and reviewing your plan with your financial consultant at least yearly and making adjustments when needed

The following are the areas we would be addressing to help you develop a comprehensive financial plan and provide for your future

Constituents of a comprehensive financial plan

Goal Setting

Investment Review and Planning

Cash Management and Budgeting

Tax Planning

Risk management and Insurance Planning

Estate Planning

We will help you identify and formalize your goals, be it for near term or long term. This is the first and most critical step in the planning since the rest of the plan would be dependant on what you want to achieve

  • Education Funding: With every growing family comes the ambition to provide for the best education facilities for the future generation. We assist in providing for a secure education fund for children, and sometimes even for yourself.
  • Retirement Planning: Retirement corpus is your backup for a carefree future, free of any obligation. Our consultant will identify your lifestyle based corpus, debt repayment schedules and other details which come with freedom from work life.
  • Our professional team evaluates your needs based on the risk return matrix selected by them, before chalking out a robust plan with a strict asset allocation principle.

    We will analyze anticipated cash flows in your time line so that the same can be provided for by identification of the correct investment instruments, be it for goals, debt payments or prepayments, holiday planning, alternate asset purchases and the like.

    Planning for tax minimization contributes a long way to actual wealth creation. At Plus Capital we understand this and it forms an integral part in the overall planning.

    Insurance helps mitigate risk so that the future of your family is provided for. We will ascertain the right insurance product for you, be it for life or health.

    Transfer of wealth to successive generations requires an understanding of their family dynamics. We assist you in the process, integrate estate planning with tax, insurance and business plans and help bring your vision to reality

    The route to financial planning and product selection would depend a lot on your profession and lifestyle. Meet with our financial consultant today to understand how to work out the best plan for you.

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